In the below table we show a list of most often offered metals alloys. Many of them are special alloys (supermetals, superalloys), which are used in very tough conditions.
We also sell our scientific services - for example we help find the best alloy to specific use (prices from 200 to about 6000 USD).
Nickel alloys
Hastelloy ® alloys
Inconel ® alloys
Incoloy ® alloys
Nimonic ® alloys
Other nickel alloys
Cobalt alloys
Stellite ®
Talonite ®
Low-melting alloys
Wood's alloy
Tin and plumb alloys
Bismuth alloys
Brown-Lohm ® alloy M50
Gallium alloys
NaK alloy
CsK alloy
Field Alloy ®
Mercury alloy (amalgams)
Precious metals alloys

Above alloys may be offered in different kind of shapes and forms: liquid metals (in case of low-melting alloys) powders, wires, turnings, pieces, bars, rods, sheets, pipes etc.
We also offer special alloys made for custom production.

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